Hello and welcome. This is a little space for me to write about bisexuality because I’m fed up of it being ignored, ridiculed and dismissed. I’m sick of fighting to be included. I’m tired of living in a gay/straight world and exhausted from daily doses of discrimination & biphobia.

I feel scared when I come out to people. I never kiss or hold hands with a same sex partner in public without checking my surroundings first. And I’m afraid to walk down the street. I wish I didn’t have to live like this.

This blog is about:

  • Sharing my experiences of being bisexual.
  • The aforementioned biphobia and bi erasure.
  • The bi group in Nottingham that I set up and ran for two years.
  • How to set up and run a bi group.
  • Bisexuality & LGBTQ+ stuff in the media. (Books, games, TV shows, movies…)

You can find a list of all blog posts here.

You can find my contact details here.

I’d like to become a better bi activist, so I’ll share what I’m learning and doing on that front as well.

New content will be posted whenever I have enough time/energy.

Please spread the word. Comment. Contribute. Get in touch and share your lives too. Our stories need to be heard.

10 thoughts on “Introductions

  1. Hi Hannah, I haven’t been brave enough to venture along to the group meetings but think this blog is a great idea and I look forward to reading it and maybe even contributing!

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    1. Hi Collette,

      Great to hear from you. Lots of people get in touch to say they haven’t ventured along to a group meeting for similar reasons. If you’d prefer to meet up one to one for a cuppa instead please email and let me know. : )

      If you want to write something for the blog please go ahead!


  2. Hi Hannah. Thanks for setting up this blog. I think this is going to be really useful for me. I have recently become more aware of my own experiences and a bi man and I want to get a lot more involved in bi activism, sharing my story, helping others share their stories and generally raise awareness and fight the stereoptypes, erasure and biphobia and that are so deeply ingrained into much of our culture. I would love chat with you whenever possible. I am in complete agreement with you that we need to share our stories and have our voices heard.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


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    1. Hi Ben, thank you for your lovely comment. I’m glad that you feel this will be a useful resource for you. You can contact me at bisexualblogs& (replacing the & sign for @ of course). More than happy to chat. It’s so great you want to get more involved with bi activism and get your voice out there. Best wishes. Hannah


  3. Hi I just wanted to thankyou for writing this , the amount of power it takes for us to be present and exist in life is unreal I love you all so much .


  4. Hey Hannah! I think I may have something you’d be interested in. I wrote a book staring a bi female in a world ruled by humans supernaturals are struggling to survive. A secret world exist in both human and supers, these individuals are much more progresssive then their human counterparts and bi sexuality is the norm. Check it put! WolfPack: The Crimson War by Kori Radabaugh i am not expecting you to read it but it would be nice to have a bi sexual woman read it!


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