Big Bi Dreams for 2015

Here’s what I’d like to make happen in 2015:

  • Print off and distribute leaflets advertising Nottingham BiTopia.
  • Organise at least 3 BiTalkia events.
  • Get this blog featured on Bi Bloggers.
  • Find a way to raise funds for the group to do things like pay for stalls at Nottinghamshire Pride and the cost of hiring a room for BiTalkia.
  • March in Nottinghamshire Pride again this summer, and maybe run a stall.
  • March in Manchester Pride again.
  • Have some kind of presence at Leicester and Derby Pride.
  • Go to The Big Bi Fun day in Leicester.
  • Set up some kind of quiet-cup-of-tea-more-chilled-out social to cater for people the pub social (unintentionally!) excludes. I feel like I’m currently letting those people down by not holding an event that meets their access requirements.
  • Get a map of the UK and mark down where bi events happen.
    Work on finding a way to set up some kind of bi event in the least purple areas!
  • Write a code of conduct/anti harassment policy for the meet ups.
  • Learn more about how to do more to include more BME people.
  • Run a ‘bi group runners’ and ‘So, you want to set up a new bi group?’ workshop at BiCon.

and last but not least…

  • Have a rest!

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