Your Bi Group Brand

Once you’ve set up a bi group and thought of a name, the next thing to look at is the branding for your group. This is important as it helps people recognise you across lots of different websites and social media sites. It lets people know who you are and that you’re something to do with bisexuality. Finally it also helps you look more professional & established. Using your own stuff means you will avoid any copyright issues too.

I taught myself how to use some free photo editing software called GIMP, but if this isn’t something you feel comfortable doing why not ask around and see if someone will draw or make you something for free?

If you can’t find anyone to do this and have some money to spare, you could try commissioning someone on to create a logo for you for a fiver. Just search for graphic designers on there and look for someone who’s style and design you like.

Logo and Brand Ideas

  • The Bi Flag
  • Something using one of the symbols of bisexuality
  • Something using purple, or purple, blue and pink.
  • Something representing what your group does, e.g. a tea cup if you meet for a cuppa once a month.
  • Something related to your local area, e.g. arrows for Nottingham

Need some more ideas? Here’s a quick look at what some other groups have done:

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