Preparing for Pride Season

These days I try to get ready for summer a few months in advance. This is partly because some things like ordering flags, leaflets and stickers can take a while to sort out and get delivered. It’s also because you’ll be a lot busier nearer the time than you are now. The weeks fly by and big events tend to sneak up on you. You think you have loads of time but before you know it you’re rushing round town searching for something to stick signs to just 10 minutes before the parade starts.

*dashes into shop wearing a bi flag as a cape*
“Do you have any broom handles?”
“Washing line poles!?”
“OK. Thanks. Bye!”
*dashes out*

purple umbrellas

The photo shows a wall display of umbrellas in Poundland. They are mostly purple.

Earlier this year I managed to pick up a bunch of purple umbrellas in Poundland and Wilkos are now selling purple bubble wands for 100 pence each. Soon I’m going to get some washing line poles and make some more signs.

I wrote a piece in BCN last summer for people who have never taken part in a Pride parade before, and the BCN website has a guide on how to run an outreach stall on their page of resources.


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