Hypersexualised Objectified Bisexual

Over the weekend I was helping a friend sell merchandise on her company stall at a large trade show up in Manchester. I had a great time, as I always enjoy meeting new people and chatting with them – even if they don’t end up buying anything! I also have a fair bit of experience in this particular field, and really like getting to know people in order to signpost them on to websites and events that I think they would enjoy and find useful.

Around midday on the second day, I chatted to a couple who I would guess were about 20 years older than me, possibly even double my age. They were very nice and lived in the East Midlands too and we were talking for about 5 minutes before they carried on looking round the event.

By the time I had arrived home that evening they had already messaged me to tell me that they were seeking a “suitable and enthusiastic submissive female”, and wondered whether I would consider having a relationship with them. From the way they described it in the message, this relationship would seemingly take the form of meeting up for sex a few times a month.

Needless to say I was a bit stunned. I had only spoken to them for a few minutes to recommend events in their area. I didn’t know their names, nor could I even remember what they looked like. I gave them my username for networking purposes as they were potential customers. I certainly didn’t think any of my actions during that brief time were flirtatious or suggestive.

I’m a very smiley, sociable person. I would never want to restrict that in order to reduce inappropriate and unwanted attention from others. I shouldn’t have to. No one should be making these kind of assumptions based on my sexuality and the fact that I was friendly towards them.

The sad thing is this kind of experience is really common for me. I hate how I never get asked how I am in a message, or asked what I want or what I’m looking for. People only state their wants and needs, as if I will immediately stop what I’m doing so I can fly over to theirs. (Presumedly leaving a trail of condoms and sex toys along the way, as I’d be unable to carry much whilst using my unicorn wings). People never speak of what they could bring to my life, they only write about what they want me to do for their sex life. They never offer to go out or do anything together or get to know me.

There is a sketch of a phallic object with an arrow pointing to it with the label ‘sex toy’. On the other side of the picture is a sad stick figure. There is an arrow pointing to them with the label ‘objectified bisexual’.

The myth that bisexuals are all super horny greedy sexed up individuals is just that, a big stupid myth. All I really want is someone to share my life with, so it would be nice if I could be considered for someone’s primary relationship for a change.


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