BBC Breakfast Show Post – Follow Up & Apologies

At the end of August I wrote a blog post about bi erasure on a BBC Radio Nottingham Breakfast Show.

After distributing the link on a email list, the leader of a local trans group politely informed me that I had got it so very wrong.

In the previous post, I had written that to me the language used on the radio show when talking about Kerry Ann and the transphobic abuse and discrimination she faced seemed ok. I was corrected on this, and was informed that language used on the show such as “used to be a man/woman”, “going through the change”, and “to become a man/woman” is not acceptable. They then took the time to explain why.

I can only thank them for calling me out and correcting me on this, as it’s not their job to educate me and they shouldn’t have to. I apologise for any hurt caused. I’m really sorry I made a mistake and got this wrong. I promise that I will keep trying to be a better trans ally in the future.

With regards to the BBC I got an email from them in response to my complaint just a few hours later that day. They said “Please be assured it was not a conscious omission not to mention biphobia.” and not much else. They didn’t apologise.

I had asked them if they wanted a bi speaker on 23rd September (Bi Visibility Day) in my complaint but they didn’t mention this in their reply. However they did offer me a slot to be interviewed/talk about bi issues on their afternoon show that day.

As it happens I never did get round to replying to their response due to having limited time and energy to spend on bi activism/bi groups stuffs. However I wouldn’t have accepted their offer anyway. It would have been inappropriate to go on the air about a different issue on the same day as the feature on Kerry Ann/transphobia in Nottinghamshire. It would have been better for them to speak to a local trans group or something instead.

Later on that day the BBC called another member of the bi community to arrange for them to go on air a week later. They wanted to talk about ‘why women are more likely to be bisexual’ and the recent news story of ‘how the amount of young people seeing their sexuality as fluid is on the rise’. I was happy that the BBC were doing this as it would have been a positive counteraction to previous erasure, but I was disappointed again when they cancelled the interview a few days later! Sigh.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who emailed in to the BBC, and sorry again for getting the trans stuff wrong in my previous post.


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