Hannah Bee’s Bisexual Blogs Ranked on Top 50 Bisexual Website List

In the middle of a long and busy work day today I checked my personal emails during lunch and found a message which made me smile. It was from a website called Feedspot, who’d contacted me because they’d made a list of the top 50 blogs & websites for the bisexual community and this site was on it. (Number 39, although is it me or does the list only go up to 40?!) The list was drawn up from a mixture of Google rankings, social media hits, and humans taking the content into account.


The picture shows a drawing of a gold medal from Feedspot.  On it, the words “Awarded Top 50 Bisexual Blog”.

For people looking for more bi news, content, voices, activist spaces, and the chance to meet other people like them then this list could be a good resource. It will also be a solid starting point for those who aren’t familiar with many/any bisexual sites.

However I must confess their claim to have found ‘the best bisexual blogs on the planet’ seemed like a rather audacious one to make. Especially as the list focused on white writers, white media, and American and UK based websites in the English language only. (Couldn’t see if it was supposed to be a USA or UK hits based list?) What about all the work being done by BAME Bis? What about all the work being done in other countries? When making lists like these people need to look beyond the most visible and be more inclusive.

Some websites I personally wouldn’t put on any bisexual resource list. PinkNews for example still seem to be describing themselves as “Europe’s largest gay news service”. Their content is full of lazy writing, such as a never ending stream of stories about famous people who said something horrible about us. Great for being triggered, less useful for staying informed. I’ll stick to sites like BCN thanks!

And there are people out there who write much better than me, posting about issues I fail to fully comprehend let alone articulate in a blog post.

But if I were to sum up what the experience of writing an activism based blog is like it would be this: ‘Sitting alone. Writing about issues I know are important but that most people don’t. Hoping I can make some small difference. Feeling like I am shouting and pleading but nobody is listening. Wondering why I still bother.’

So to find out I was on some kind of list somewhere, anywhere, was a really nice moment that made me smile – even though I haven’t had the spoons to update this since May! It means that sometimes – some of my words are getting through.

Thank you Feedspot.

And a huge thank you to those who visit the site and read what I have to say!


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