Resources for Covid-19

Many of us across the world are either social-distancing, self-isolating, or living under a lockdown because of the coronavirus at the moment.

LGBTQ+ people already experience higher rates of mental health problems, disability, underlying health conditions, domestic violence, and lower levels of income. It is going to be an especially difficult time for us. I hope these resources might be useful for you.

Know any resources for your country? Please comment below and I will add them to this post! Thank you.

Don’t forget you can use apps like Meet Up to chat with other LGBT+ people. Many groups are now having digital hangouts. Perfect for hopping along to say, Manchester BiPhoria if you live in rural Wales and there are no local groups near you!

Name of Organisation What they doLink
MindUK, mental health charity, have a web page on how to cope with things like anxiety, isolation, depression, etc. during the pandemic
Queer CareHave a form you can fill in if you are self-isolating and need help/deliveries. Or if you can volunteer to help others.

Have resources on how to deliver items to others safely and organise a local network in your street/area.
Papyrus UK, Have a telphone line and chat service for when you’re feeling distressed/suicidal.
For U35s.
CALMUK, same as above, but for men.
Samaritons UK, same as above, but for anyone.
Turn2UsUK, Website to help you find a charity or grant giving organisation if you are experiencing financial hardship.
Money Saving ExpertUK, Helps you make the most out of your finances. E.g. if someone who banks with Nationwide refers a friend to switch current accounts, you both get £100!
Citizens AdviceWebsite providing information on topics such as debt, housing, law, work, benefits, consumer rights, etc. Has a section on Covid-19.
Just Like UsUK, Charity for young people, currently looking at ways to support LGBTQ+ teenagers who are stuck at home with families they can’t come out to.

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