Great LGBTQ+ merch from Rainbow & Co

Rewind 5-10 years and bis were faced with a very poor and limited choice in terms of shopping. Stalls at Pride were rainbow only. Online shops weren’t much better. You could either buy something with a bi flag slapped on it or a t-shirt reading “God said Adam and Eve, so I did both”. If you were looking for something subtle, less sexualised or hell, even just stylish, unless you could make it yourself you were out of luck.

I love how much this has changed!

(Before I start gushing about Rainbow & Co, it’s worth mentioning at this point that companies do not give me freebies or approach me to promote their products or anything. I’m not well-known enough for that, and I only write about what I’ve tried and tested myself.)

I discovered Rainbow & Co after seeing an ad for their “don we now our gay apparel” Christmas jumper. My fingers flew across the keyboard and entered my card details before I could even finish humming “Deck the Halls”. The jumper arrived beautifully packaged and was really high quality. Alas, it was too big but they happily switched sizes for me and kept me well-informed about my order. Their customer service was also really quick and friendly.

To my delight the company is local, based in the Greater Manchester area. They donate 10% of sales to LGBTQ+ charities and I can’t wait to buy more things from them in the future, such as their TERF repellent pin!!

They cover a wide range of gender indenties and sexualities and welcome suggestions for new stock if you can’t find what you’re looking for. You can also nominate a charity for them to support.

If you are outside of the UK, don’t worry. They will post things internationally.

Website: Rainbow & Co.

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