Bi Activism: For Those Who Like Reading

If you haven’t already seen it, please check out my
Intro to Bi Activism

Activism to do with books and stuff

  1. Google books by bi authors.
  2. Google books with bi characters in.
  3. Buy some!
  4. Or you can also ask your local library to order these books in for you
  5. Whilst there, look to see if they have an LGBTQ+ section. If not ask them to make one. If yes, is it labelled wisely or just called ‘Gay Books’?! Could they make a better label?
  6. Suggest bisexual related books they could order in for their (new) LGBTQ+ section. How about Purple Prose?
  7. Repeat steps 4, 5, 6 with your local book shops.
  8. If you think the library or book shop might say no, spend an hour looking up how many LGBT people are in your area, include that figure when you contact them. Explain we want to consume the books but can’t if they won’t stock them! Explain how much it will benefit us (wellbeing) and them (profits/increased readership) if they diversify their inventory.
  9. Did you enjoy any of the books you read after you Googled them? Share recs with friends and on social media.
  10. Contact the author to let them know!
  11. Contact the publisher to say it was ace – and you want more books like ’em.
  12. Follow all the cool, amazing writers you discover on social media. Sign up to their newsletters. Share their tweets. Attend their events and book signings. Make fanart. Write fanfic. Get a t-shirt with their book title/character on it.
  13. Did you come across any problematic content in a book? Were parts of it racist? Biphobic? Did it have one trans character in, who only existed as a victim of violence? Etc. Etc.  :/  If you have time and spoons contact the author and explain the problem and ask them to write differently in the future.
  14. Do you have an LGBT Centre in your area? Do they have a bookshelf of fiction and non-fiction that people can borrow? Repeat steps 4, 5 & 6!
  15. Is the LGBT Centre claiming to have no money for bisexual things? Tell them bi people outnumber gay and lesbian people they are letting down a majority of service users by not doing anything for bi people. Tell them bi people have worse physical and mental health than gay and lesbian people, which is in part caused by a lack of services and resources for them.
  16. Could your university/library/workplace/LGBT centre etc take out a subscription to Bi Community News (BCN)?
  17. Could you?
  18. If you write to BCN and ask for flyers they will send you some. You can distribute them around your area.
  19. Seeing as you’re now in contact with BCN, you could also write a book review for them of something you’ve enjoyed recently.
  20. Speaking of book reviews, maybe you could start a blog on bi books/bi authors?
  21. Google publishers.
  22. Is their catalogue lacking in diversity? Email them and ask for more books with LGBT characters, more books by bi writers, BAME writers, trans writers, disabled writers….heck even writers who are women! A lot of publishers aren’t doing a good job on that front either.
  23. Google LGBT publishers.
  24. Do they have any bi or trans stuff or is it just ‘Gay’ and ‘Lesbian’? If it’s a GL heavy zone return to step 22.
  25. Do you like zines? Are there any zine fairs in your area? Do they have a diverse array of stall holders or is it a straight blizzard in there? If yes, contact the organisers and ask ’em to sort it out. (Credit to @applewriter for this one.)
  26. Attend your local zine fair. Chat to zine makers. Talk about their stuff with them. BUY their zines. Repeat step 12!
  27. Are there any LGBT Book Awards out there? If so, nominate the books and authors you like. Vote for them if they are shortlisted.
  28. I personally haven’t been able to face DIVA again after reading all the biphobic content they used to print in the past. But they exist. Maybe they’re better now? Maybe you’ll like them?
  29. Damn I was so close to 30. Is there anything else I should add to this list?
  30. Thank you for reading and send me your bi book recs. Thanx.
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