Hello again

Content Note: bereavement, a death by suicide

Wow, how has it been two years since my last post here?

I guess I had nothing to say for a while.

And then early on in 2019 I found out that someone I knew from school had died by suicide a few months before. Whilst I didn’t know her well, and I hadn’t even spoken to her since we were teenagers, I care about her mum so much because she did a lot for me when I was young. Her mum was always around when things got tough. She got me a Saturday job by introducing me to the owners of a local shop. She sent a card when mum killed herself (which I still have, over 16 years later). And she let me sit in her class once, a few weeks after mum died, even though I had changed schools for 6th form by that point. This was an amazing thing for me as it meant I had somewhere safe to be for a while after my dad had a mental breakdown.

All of these acts of care from her are things that I have carried with me my whole life. So I have been so heartbroken since finding out about her daughter, Sophie. Especially as I know what it’s like to lose a loved one to suicde. Since I heard the news it has taken me a really long time to be able to return to the things I love, like writing, again.

Sophie was a truly wonderful person who was much loved by her friends and family. Between them Sophie’s parents have raised over £40,000 for Papyrus so far which is just mind-blowingly incredible. Please consider donating to this amazing suicide prevention charity if you have a spare pound or two. Every penny really does help someone who is great distress. And every penny donated helps to save a life.

The lastest fundraiser in memory of Sophie can be found here: https://justgiving.com/fundraising/andrew-airey3

Thank you so much.