Contact Details & FAQs

You can email me at (replacing the 8 with an @ of course)

My username on Twitter is @hannahbeeblogs

Can I publish/repost some of your work?
Absolutely, but only if you gain my permission first.
Please email me using the email address above.

I want to work with you! Would you be interested?
Indeed I would. Please get in touch and let me know what you have in mind.
I’m happy to guest on other blogs, write for publications, and collaborate to create content.

Can I be a guest writer for this blog?
Absolutely – yes! I am on the lookout for guest writers and would love to hear from anyone who is interested. Especially those from different walks of life to mine, such as people of colour and people from other minority groups.  Those from countries outside of the UK. Bi men too as I’m aware that as a women, I tend to write more about issues that affect women. Trans people are also most welcome. I would also love to hear from bis who have a disability.

I need a bi model for something, can you help?
Yes, if you need a bi person (white, CIS, 31 y/o female) for a photo or video let me know. I’m happy to model for things like flyers, websites, adverts etc.

Can you provide bisexual awareness training to my group/business/organisation?
Yes, but only if you provide travel expenses if you’re outside of the London Fare Zones 1-3.