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Just say it’s for Bisexual Blogs in the Instructions Box. 

Over the past 5 years I have spent hundreds of hours working for bi causes doing things such as…

  • writing over 40,000 words on this blog
  • writing for BCN Magazine
  • organising bi groups to take part in 4 Pride parades across two different cities
  • setting up a new bi social & support group in Nottingham…
  • ….and running it for 2 1/2 years!
  • providing bisexuality awareness training to staff at Notts County Council
  • teaching workshops on bi issues at events all over the UK
  • taking part in Stonewall’s consultations with the bi community in 2015
  • running The Big Bi Fun Day in Leicester for 3 years
  • and chatting with bi people over the phone when they are feeling suicidal

Sadly all that bi activism doesn’t bring in any money.

In 5 years I’ve only ever received £20!

Yet as events can’t afford to pay workshop leaders for their time or fund their travel expenses I have actually paid out several hundred pounds of my own money to do this work. And all the time I’ve given up is in addition to having a full time job.

If you read this blog and feel like you have got something from it, any amount you could spare would really help me out.


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It’s really easy to help. Simply follow this link to my PayPal. Please write “Bisexual Blogs” in the ‘Instructions to Seller’ box so I know your support is for this site rather than The Big Bi Fun Day.

I will email to confirm it’s gone through and say thank you.


~~~~~~~  If you are able to help – THANK YOU!  ~~~~~~~


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