Other Published Stuff

Build your own Bi Fun Day, Bi Community News Magazine, Issue 146, Winter ’17/18
A guide on how to run your own child friendly event for bi people.

10 Things People Say to Bisexuals
A guest blog post for Ditch The Label, Sept 2016

Purple Prose: Bisexuality in Britain, edited by Katy Harrad
Two blog posts from this site were included:
Hypersexualised Objectified Bisexual and My Harmful Heteronormative Education

Bisexuality in The Fall, Bi Community New Magazine, Issue 128, Dec 2014
An article about the character of Stella Gibson in the BBC TV show.

Walking With Pride, Bi Community News Magazine, Issue 125, June 2014
A guide on taking part in your first pride parade.

Attending Your First Bi Meet, Bi Community News Magazine, Issue 122, Dec 2013