Stats & Figures on Bisexuality

Work in progress, please bear with me whilst I fill this page with links to research!


Mental Health

“The study found significant statistics demonstrating the poor mental health of cisgender (where their gender is congruent with biological sex) bisexual people:

  1. One in four have attempted suicide;
  2. Nearly 80 per cent had considered self-harm or thought about committing suicide
  3. Over 60 per cent have high or very high current psychological distress, with 40 per cent reporting having had depression in the past;
  4. Transgender and gender diverse bisexual people experienced even poorer mental health and these findings will be released in the coming months.”

Physical Health

Accessing Services

  1. Bisexual people are highly unlikely to share their sexual orientation with services, most commonly because of fear of negative reactions.
  2. 66% feel that they have to pass as straight and 42% feel they need to pass as gay or lesbian when accessing services.
  3. 48% have experienced biphobic comments and 38% have experienced unwanted sexual comments about them being bisexual while accessing services.
  4. The highest amounts of biphobia experienced are within LGBT services and NHS services.
  5. 61% have experienced multiple discrimination. 35% said that they are disabled.”